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Mushroom Season

lew mushroom season

Get out and look for mushrooms!

Spring in Northern Michigan is magical!  As the Lakes, great and small alike, shrug off the last bits of bitter cold new life begins to appear.  And as the trees begin to bud the forests are filled with wildflowers and the ever-elusive morel mushroom!  It’s mushroom season, a time when old and young alike can don their favorite footwear, boots, shoes, and sandals, and venture out into the woods.  The moral mushroom is well known as a delicacy in the midwest and many people chase it from south to north as it appears.



mushroom season cooking


Some things to remember during mushroom season:

  • Always make sure you are on public lands or have the landowner’s permission to hunt for mushrooms!
  • bring an onion bag or similar sack that has holes to allow mushroom spores to fall out as you walk.  (We want mushrooms next year too!)
  • know how to identify a morel mushroom from its poisonous counterpart (click here)
  • let someone know where you will be and when you will be back
  • even if you don’t find a mushroom enjoy the outdoors!

mushroom season trillium

There is so much more

Recently the Lyfmotive group (which includes the wanderers two) went for a day of sailing and biking in beautiful Leelanau!  But you may wonder why a post about mushrooms had a Trillium as the banner.  Well, we didn’t find any mushrooms.  We just want you to remember that there is so much more to enjoy out there.  The beautiful spring flowers, the fresh air, and the wildlife.  Take time to enjoy all of these things and they will, in turn, enjoy your visit and be there for when you next return!


Mushroom season returns each spring and even if you don’t find mushrooms you can always visit a local store or the morel mushroom fest and partake in festivities.  And of course, purchase some mushrooms from someone who was luckier than you!  They may even tell you their secret mushrooming spot…nah…that isn’t going to happen!

Lyfmotiv’s Secret spot is…well you’ll have to come to visit us and we’ll show you!

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