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The Bike Tour!

What a Day for a Ride

bike day tart trail

We disembarked from the Allegro after experiencing an utterly awe-inspiring day on the water.  Capitan Eric became “bike guide Eric”.  After a quick safety and operation primer, we were on our way.  A bike tour day!  I (Eugene here again) commented how much more fun an Ebike was than I had anticipated.  Lew seconded my notion and we zipped on towards the Tart Trail!

As we rode Eric relayed the various historical and natural points on the trail.  He pointed out the DeYoung Nature area.  A delightful spot that preserves some of the area’s farm heritage along with a full mile of Cedar Lake’s shoreline!  As we moved on I tried to use just pedal power and noticed how much the little electric motor helped.  I then tried with just assisted mode pedaling and noticed how smooth and powerful the bike responded below me.

All ages and all fitness levels!

tart trail bike day

The thing that was most apparent to me is that this tour would appeal to all ages and skill levels!  The guy or gal who loved being out on a bike for the physical challenge could enjoy the same ride as their family.  By just adjusting the level of assistance everyone could participate and have a great time!  Anyone from 14 to 114 can come and enjoy.  If your idea of leisure is sitting by the pool or a strenuous hike in either instance you can still enjoy this bike tour!

Wine and Scenery

As we wound our way through the scenery of Leelanau County looking at trillium blooming on one side and cattle grazing on the other.  Before we knew it we were at Shady Lane Cellars!  Stopping to take in the beautiful vineyard and shady lanes bike daytaste their wines.  Lew and I enjoyed a flight to sample several wines while Eric had a glass of the Blaufrankisch.  We enjoyed our time but alas we needed to head back.

Settling up at the bar we headed back to our bikes and back down the trail.  It being later in the afternoon we stopped for dinner at Farm Club and enjoyed an incredible meal of all locally sourced ingredients.

Finishing our day we rode back to our muster point.  Stowed our bikes and helmets, and wished Eric a good night!  What an amazing experience!  What a great bike tour on a great day!


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