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A Boat and Bike Tour day!

A fine Sailing Day

Captain Eric

For our first boating and biking tour of the year, Captian Eric welcomed the Wanderers Two aboard and a-saddle for an epic experience that was truly pure Michigan!  The day started with clear skies and we knew it was going to be one of those special days that we would remember for years to come.  Adventures like these in our beautiful land are the reasons we want to get as many people as possible outside to enjoy.  We want everyone to see the fragile environment that we need to protect, and care for.

under sail A Boat and Bike Tour day

We boarded the Allegro, and as we cast off she eagerly took to the cool waters of Lake Michigan.  Responding as if she were just waiting to stretch her wings ever since splash day!   I (Eugene) was so struck by all of the new sights and sounds that I kept taking pictures of everything and at every angle.  Reminding myself that I was a deckhand and needed to pay attention to the Captian’s orders I hopped to!  All of this excitement,  and we were just motoring out to set sail and begin harnessing the power of the wind at the beginning of the tour.

She cut through the waves with the wind full in her sails.  Once the captain gave the orders we hauled the mainsail.  The mainsail billowed in the wind till it caught and pulled tight as a drum.  Set and secured we unfurled the jib and could feel the Allegro surge forward.  Mother nature’s power flowed into the sail and down the wanderers two sailing A Boat and Bike Tour daymast pushing us forward.  We sailed around the bay weaving back and forth as we tacked the Captain would yell “coming about”!  All watched the mainsail’s boom would move from left to right (port to starboard for you nautical folk).

Under Sail Power

Sailing the morning away and as afternoon approached we readied ourselves for the next step in the adventure.  And an amazing e-bike tour on the TART system of trails!  It’s a wonderful life, a boating and biking tour makes an indescribably full day! We will follow up with a post all about the bike tour!

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