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Finally, spring is here!  The birds are singing, the days are getting longer, and the lakes have shrugged off that Sailing Season Splashwhite shawl of ice for a dress of deep blue, full of the glory that we all love!  Time for the sailing season and a splash!

And this timSailing Season Splashe of year brings splash day!  The day the Allegro once again tastes water after the long cold season.  She was dry-docked in the elmwood township marina(opens in a new tab) where she safely overwintered.   We busied ourselves cleaning her up and getting her ready to float happily among the waves once more.  Prepping for her flight…yes, I said flight.  Well, suspension might be a better word.  We made ready and as the crane from Team Elmer’s(opens in a new tab) hoisted her up between the heavens and earth we watched with bated breath as she was carefully and delicately placed in the water.

When she landed in the lake she bobbed happily coming, once again, into her own as we scurried about setting ropes and making sure all was right as we prepared to move her to her temporary resting place across the bay.  Her engine roared to life and we motored

Sailing Season SplashSailing Season Splash

out on the lake for the first boat day of the year!  It was a long day with a lot of activity but in the end, the Allegro is in the water and prepared for another summer of fun and exciting adventures on our beautiful freshwater inland seas with this sailing season splash!

If you are interested in booking a sailing tour in the beautiful Traverse City area click here(opens in a new tab)! we also have ebike tours or even the ebike and sailing day excursion.  We invite you to join us and enjoy a beautiful day!

If you’d like to see a short video of her splash day you can find that right below.  Until next time, may you have fair winds and following seas!

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