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Wanderer Raft Guide

Wanderers Two

Changes are afoot this spring here at LyfMotiv Adventures!  We’ve added a new guide; one half of the Wanderer’s Two.  The Wanderer’s Two is the blog of a couple who travel and enjoy the outdoors.  They espouse the LyfStyle and the philosophy of LyfMotiv.  Their blog was looking for a home, and they found that home here, at LyfMotiv.  Along with their travel blog Eugene has joined the company as a guide, and a tech guru.

Half of the Two

Wanderer Rappelling

Eugene is just half of the two and of course, Lew will be working with us guiding, and lending some of her talents as we start this journey on this new exciting path!  You will be seeing new content from the Wanderer’s Two Blog and from time to time cross-posting might occur when the subject matter is relevant to both sites.

The Allegro (our beautiful lady on the lake) is now in the water(opens in a new tab).  And we are currently booking sailing tours to begin May 15th!  We are also already holding ebike tours and there is much more on the horizon so stay tuned and click here to explore bookings(opens in a new tab)!  In the mean time you might find Eugene behind the glow of his computer early into the morning.  Or if he has his way he’ll be sauntering down the path or hanging off a rope.  No matter what, it won’t be boring!




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